Pressure Treated Wood & Our Post-On-Pipe System

Pressure-treated wood is wood that has been infused with chemical preservatives to protect the wood from rot and insects. The wood is placed in a depressurized holding tank that removes the air and replaces it with a preservative.

The problems with pressure treated wood, however, outweigh the benefits when building a new fence. One of the most common problems is warping and twisting. As you can see in the pictures, these pressure treated 4x4's twisted at the top even though they had top and bottom fence plates holding them in place. This was not one post we replaced that was like this for a customer, it was the entire lot. And, the fence was installed just under 8 years prior.

Our difference is our post-on-pipe system. The pipe is embedded in concrete, not the wood. Our 4x4 cedar posts are then mounted on the post, ensuring minimal to zero wood rot, and if there is a problem in the future, we can simply swap out the cedar post, as the galvanized metal pipe in the ground will not rot or rust in our lifetimes.

This helps ensure our fence is the last fence you'll ever install!